Make sure you can alert someone in an emergency.

Use it anytime, anywhere. It can save your life.

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What is Shadow

Shadow Safe™ is a Bluetooth panic button that you can wear with you anywhere, anytime.  It is small, light weight and concealable and can be carried on your person or your keys.  With Shadow’s unique design, false alarms are something of the past.

If you’re in an emergency: Just press your Shadow button and your your chosen contacts will receive your emergency message and your GPS coordinates.  With our added business contact feature you can also have your message send to a 24/7 control room to assist you.

With  increasing crime, you should always be alert. Having your Shadow Safe™ panic button with you can change the outcome of your emergency.


To verify that your smart phone will be compatible with Shadow – see here

Why Shadow?

With the unique design of Shadow’s casing false panics are something of the past.  Being in an emergency is real and serious and so should your panic alert be.
The key features of Shadow distinguish it from the rest of the market, specifically designed to give the peace of mind that you’re panic button has a stable, secure connection, ready to use when you need it the most.
Safe Panic
No more false panics! The unique design of Shadow with its hidden panic button eliminates the risk of pressing the button by accident.
Crime is real and so should your panic alert be!
Panic Memory
Your Bluetooth range will currently function on approximately 100 feet. Should you be out of range and press your panic button, your panic will be saved for 12 hours and activated when your phone comes into range from the Panic button.
Secure Connection
Your Panic button will stay connected to your Smartphone once the set-up is completed. There is no need to reconnect every time the phone goes out of range. Our smart technology will reconnect the button to the phone automatically.
Stealth connection
Ordinary Bluetooth based devices can be interrupted by another user by just breaking the connection and taking it over. Shadow’s technology will pair your phone to your button securely and will not be visible on the Bluetooth ‘discovered device’ list on anyone else’s phone.
battery (1)
Battery life
No need to recharge a battery every few days. Your CR2032 battery will last for 3-6 months where after you easily replace the battery.  The Shadow Safe App will inform the user of the battery life and also alert when the battery needs to be replaced with notifications.
Small and Concealable
Sizing at only 43mm x 30mm and weighing only 11 grams Shadow is light and concealable and perfect to wear on your person or on your keyring to make sure you have it with you all the time.
No monthly fees
You can purchase Shadow Safe™ at R799 (excl delivery). This is your once-off expense towards Shadow. There are NO monthly fees for this application and service.